We have ceased operations.

We are working to satisfy claims by our only Supplier JGA Beacon. If you have any Questions please email    abcroofingcontractors@gmail.com

Below is a list of Account Owed. They will be updated as paid.


My Name is Rod Bartruff and ABC Roofing is in my name.

 I made the worst mistake of my life. I decided to try and help my only brother. You see I know nothing about roofing. I am in Marketing and Web Design. However when giving my brother a new truck (he would make the payments in my name) because i did not need 2 cars he started on about getting into the roofing business. When he was not in Prison he has always done roofing.
I was sold a bunch of B.S. About how roofing is such a great profitable business. How I should put the business in my name. How great things would be. We started ABC Roofing. Everything was put into my name because my brother Joe Bartruff has an extensive Criminal History. I believed everyone needs a second chance and hey he is my brother.
So we started and the first month was good. By the second month the problems started. The first big payment we got he buys a pair of eye glasses on the Company Card for $1000 Then a Gym membership $1200 Then he starts paying his court ordered fees with the card. The company bank account became his personal piggy Bank. Almost Daily taking $300 from the ATM. One week taking $3,000 then saying he needed to pay his rent.
I could not cut him off because everything was in my name and there where roofing jobs on going. If he walked away I would not know what to do or where to find help.
Then jobs started to become a loss. This was due to Under Bidding or the big one was under measuring. Several jobs where short on materials because of bad measuring. This was followed by the Hourly workers he hired taking twice as long to complete a project. Also several new roofs had leak. He blamed everyone but himself. Said it happens. It was a downward spiral.
There where weeks we had a dollar or two more then what was in the account to cover payroll. He would take out $300 then leave us without enough for payroll. The happened several times.

I asked over and over to stop taking money from the account. But nothing I said or did worked.

One week i had to take a $10,000 signature loan to pay Payroll and bills.
I was ready to close this business on Month five in business. I knew if it continued the financial bleeding would get worse. But he begged me to let him keep it going. So he could help "Pay" the business debt.
Well that did not work. He made money. Did not pay anything the trucks got repossessed, the Liability insurance got cancelled, and the License holder did not get paid
So now my credit is destroyed and I am trying to pay off the debt with the money I make Designing websites and marketing. Also I am a single parent to a 12 year old boy whose mother recently died.
I feel like i really got conned by my own brother.
For those who have liens, please note, I am making payments as I can to JGA. if you have questions please contact Arlene @ Credit@jgabeacon.com If you happen to pay off a lien please inform me so that I can start making payments to you for your lien instead of JGA.

*SOHO - LIEN                  

*CITY SQR - LIEN   (Balance due ABC)         

*GRIFFIS -  LIEN   (Balance due ABC)

*COOK 907 - LIEN         

*MILIC 110 -LIEN          

*SARASOTA - LIEN (partial payment made)